Wire Electro-Erosion

We use an isothermically controlled section with four AGIE wire machines, which allow us to carry out any high-precision machining, either for our own internal consumption or for external works. Through the CAD/CAM programme, we have the capability of converting the majority of file types currently used in the market, enabling us to acces the geometries and projects provided by our customers.


Hard Metal Progressive Dies

We design and manufacture dies constructed with components that have been cut from hard metal (synthesised material) and that are targeted for the electronics sector, which requires high-speed rates of operation. The thickness of the material for stamping ranges form 0.1 to 0.6 mm.


Steel Progressive Dies and Precision Tools

We design and manufacture progressive dies and tools for various industrial sectors with a maximum length of approximately 3 metres, using independent modules joined with assembly bases. Our CAD programmes can convert the majority of the existing formats on the market to be able to work with the 3D information of our customers, allowing us to speed up delivery times and reduce lead times for the final product.

The most common thickness of the material for stamping ranges from 0.5 to 3 mm, which enable us to cover a wide range of parts for practically all industrial sectors.

Industrial Parts Stamping

In addition to the manufacture of tools and progressive dies, we carry out the production and delivery of replacement parts during the life of the product. We also offer different types of services such as assembling, grease removal, and degasification, according to the requirements of our customers, who work in various industrial sectors including the electronics, automotive, computing related products, white goods, and many others.